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flower collage

Although the grey days haven’t encouraged much growth in the gardens other than weeds (and blight), everything looks relatively lush and green, and the flowers are continuing to bloom (albeit on short stems that signify the late start to the summer).

The bees seem pretty happy.

Lupin and BeeI hope there are some splashes of colour wherever you are.


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Rupert says that the only things I take pictures of around here are of the ovine variety, so I thought I should at least include something with perhaps a little more colour while I wait for him to compose something to post about the CSA…

There’ll be more news to come soon, I promise. As I said before, there has been quite a lot of activity around the farm in recent weeks (we just need to sit down and write…).

For now, enjoy some of the beauty!   -hj

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As the sheep settle in, the cattle make their way through the various pastures, and the pigs continue to frolic in the pen behind the barn, we are continuing to care for, and take note of, the various forms of vegetation, cultivated and wild, around the farm…I quite enjoy investigating the latest blooms, although it seems that the only time we really get to enjoy the flowers is when we cut some to bring in the house or share with others. The roses still do well, despite much neglect, but I am happy to report that the one area I did attempt to prune is showing signs of appreciation and improvement.

We planted strawberries in our house garden this spring, and so have been picking blossoms and training runners, while getting our fill from the local u-pick down the road. Rupert often brings up the possibility of planting a larger area for strawberry production, but so far we’ve managed to avoid getting into the headaches that come with caring for organic strawberries – I’m happy to stick with the raspberries and blueberres for the time being. 

The tunnelhouse continues to be lush and productive – from beans to tomatoes to eggplant – and the peppers and tomato clusters in the greenhouse are doing fine (although Rupert doesn’t feel as positive about them as the previous few years). Around us, the shades of green are remarkable, despite being a little low in rain. Although the lack of precipitation means more irrigation is needed, it has also meant that the hay can be cut, baled and brought to the barn in good form. We think of all the livestock that could be around for the winter and are happy they will have good meals…


Planting continues in the fields and we have a greater variety than previous years, in anticipation of the Wednesday Markets at Halifax Independent School. After an early spring, it seems that many things are actually a little late now – hopefully everything doesn’t come on all at once – I expect to be filling raspberry pints by the weekend, and Rupert says there is a definite hint of blue in the blueberry field.   hj

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Some of the sights from around the gardens in the past few weeks…



front garden

…and from in the forest…
lady slipper

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just a few of the colourful sights of spring around the barnyard…


Japanese quince


buttercups behind the greenhouse


apple blossom

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