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My neighbour, Kenny, and I purchased our pigs from Theodora Tebogt in Falmouth this year. Both of us refuse to eat commercial, PSE (pale, soft, exudative) pork, so each year we jointly raise a number of pigs, sharing the chores, trips for feed and treks to the abattoir. The mode of transport varies according to the available infrastructure. Half ton trucks work well, as do trailers, but this year we economized and managed to squeeze the pair of us, Hazel (the border collie), and four pigs into a Toyota Yaris.

sleeping pigs

            Actually, Heather and I had already picked up two Berkshires from the zoo in Aylesford. This slower growing heritage breed is known for its reddish, tasty and well-marbled meat. The new arrivals bonded well with the Berks, without the skirmishes common among newly introduced pigs. All four sleep neatly lined up in a row, half buried in straw. Even young Limpy, who was kept in solitary confinement for some days on account of a swollen knee, has bonded well. This past weekend, the pigs made their first foray into a newly-constructed pen, outdoors. The environmental enrichment, complete with comfrey, old tires and mud should meet the highest of animal welfare standards.      RJ

venturing out

by the barn door

enjoying the new space

rooting berkshire


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new arrivals…again

The May long weekend was a busy one, with hot days and cooler nights, but still no rain. Much time was spent getting the irrigation hooked up for the blueberries, but time was taken to go pick up the Berkshire piglets.

After traveling home in the dog kennel in the back of the car (as Hazel watched intently), they spent the night getting used to their surroundings and pretending to be asleep (even when tempted by the smell of apple).

They seem quite happy now with their mash of pig feed and comfrey.

Hazel is enjoying them, and quickly remembered her perch on the old stairs looking down over the pig pen. Plans for the weekend include finishing their outdoor run. The kids at school have already started suggesting names (but they haven’t asked what happened to the last pig, Buddy, yet)…

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