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looking over gate

There are signs of life all over Ironwood these days…

little lamb

 … and those of you familiar with our farm, and the events of the past few months, will know how important it is for us to celebrate life.

March lambs

So as the days are lengthening, the seedlings are sprouting, and the lambs are growing, we look forward to the year ahead with a long list of things for which to be thankful.

sprouting chard

I know it has been many months since my last post, with too many happenings to recount here now.

However, armed with a new camera, the strength of friends and family, a foundation of memories, and a renewed dedication to live life to the fullest, I hope to spend more time here in 2014.

sprouting kale

I also hope you’ll come back to visit.  ~ hj

lamb looking over shoulder


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Lester’s news

Yep…it turns out that Lester did get a little busy in the summer, after all. These ewe lambs are firsts for both Lester and Scarlet (who has had an udder since shearing time last Spring, so she’s been keeping us guessing for months!).

Scarlet with her twin ewe lambs, one week old.

Scarlet with her twin ewe lambs, one week old.

And just to ensure there is no confusion, they have their dad’s long legs, and long locks!

(Note the snow on Scarlet’s back…the blizzard of yesterday and this morning reached into the barn, but Moms, babes, and observers all seem pretty content.)

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We hope you have had an appropriate mix of revelry and relaxation so far this holiday, however you spend your days – whether in celebration, contemplation or just vacation.

setting up lambing jug

setting up lambing jug

We woke up to a new lamb in the barn on Christmas morning, and twins born just after we returned from Christmas feasting in Seabright later that day.

pepper with her twins

pepper with her twins

This all serves to legitimize our decision to not go anywhere overnight and just do day trips to see the various relatives.

settling in for the night

settling in for the night

I think that will be it for a while – no more noticeable udders. It may be that we’ve managed to stretch our lambing period over several months! And we still don’t have any evidence that our new ram has done any work…good thing we still have Lukey.

We’re heading out now to put the moms and babes in together for company. Of course, all the other ewes get jealous when they see the nice hay and extra grain that Pepper and Ginger are having. I don’t think they’ve learned to associate it with popping out a lamb or two, yet, though.

I’m continuing to have troubles posting (technical and psychological), but if I get up enough momentum, I’ll have to fill you in on the rest of the holiday happenings (including Rupert playing the part of shepherd in the local live Nativity…).

Happy New Year, all. ~ hj

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*I’m having some difficulty with the formating lately – either my typing or my photos tend to get “stacked” on top of each other. So I’ll keep things fairly simple for now, and ask you to excuse any of the oddities that may crop up in the posts.*   ~ hj

With the early start to spring, of course the greenhouse, tunnel house and fields have had their own share of the attention…but nothing distracts like a bunch of expecting, and expectant, ewes and lambs.

lambs sleeping in a patch of sun in the barn

…These little ones might look sweet and sleepy, but when they all start racing around it can be a little overwhelming…especially if you’re trying to count them as they head out to pasture.  


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one of the 5 “bottle lambs”

Think you can forgive us for being a little absent on-line?

(more stuff to come, including an exciting new addition to our CSA programme, I promise!)  ~hj

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This little romney girl (photographed here at just 2 days old) is now more than 2 weeks old. She happily runs around with her 17 playmates, while we wait (not so patiently) for the rest to arrive. Only 4 more ewes to go…and with a lambing pecentage of 200%, we’re all feeling a little overwhelmed…

…although sweet faces like this certainly help calm the nerves. ~hj

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Luke may appear to smiling like a proud papa, but today he’s actually a proud grandpa !

Lucinda, one of his daughters born last Easter, delivered a ewe lamb earlier today. Our first lamb for this season has been born a few days early (maybe she was tricked by the heat wave…or the leap year?), but we’re pleased to be having young lambs at Easter again.

Luke should be smiling again soon enough – some of his own offspring are due any day now, too. We’ll keep you posted….


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